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11 min readNov 20, 2020

YouTube is filled with all kinds of content. You can find everything from lifestyle blogs, hacks, gaming tips to lectures, and language lessons. Every single day Youtubers around the world delivering quality entertainment as well as educational and informative content for us. Many of them are female YouTubers who are changing the game by building their names on this platform.

Now, we have to admit — there are many extremely famous female Youtubers who are undeniably loved and followed by many folks around the world. But we are not going to talk about that today.

You probably already know the names of the most subscribed female YouTuber and the most paid women on Youtube. But there are many other female YouTubers who are just starting their Youtube careers, or already have millions of subscribers, but what unites them is their ability to inspire their viewers.

Are you looking for some wholesome Youtube content created by inspiring women? You got it.

1. Liza Koshy

Background: Talk about funny girl YouTubers. Miss Liza Koshy began her career by making vines before even starting a Youtube channel. By the time the Vine platform was closed in 2017, she had 7 million followers. Now she is an actress, television host, comedian, and a YouTuber.

In 2016 Liza started acting and starred in the Hulu original series Freakish. She also stars in and co-produces a Youtuber Premium comedy series ‘Liza on Demand’. Her other notable TV and online appearances include hosting the live preshow at the 2017 Golden Globes Awards, conducting interviews of the celebs on the 2018 and 2019 Met Galas on behalf of Vogue, and being interviewed for Vogue magazine’s “73 Questions” web series.

Update! Liza launched her makeup and skincare line called C’est Moi. The line has everything from lip balms to body scrubs and more. We are wishing good luck to Liza in this new endeavor and waiting for reviews of her products.

Youtube career: Liza’s Youtube channel has 17.8 million subscribers. By the time2016 elections hit, Liza’s channel had a significant audience, so Barack Obama appeared in one of her videos to encourage voter registration among millennials. Liza also hosted Michelle Obama and Joe Biden on her channel.

Channel information: As a self-proclaimed “little brown girl with big dreams”, Liza started her channel back in 2015. She now has an audience of 17.8 million subscribers on Youtube. Lately, Liza does not post as much largely due to her rising career on the TV.

2. Kimberly Loaiza

Background: Kimberly Loaiza is a Mexican YouTuber and a singer who documents her journey to fame. After a big success on Youtube, Kim launched her music career in 2019 with her debut single “Enamorarte”, which charted in many Spanish-speaking countries. Her second single “Amandote” was the highest viewed single on Youtube the first weekend it was posted.

Important! Wondering how YouTubers get so many views during the first week of upload? A large portion of it is quality Youtube SEO Services and Optimized Youtube Video Tags to rank first.

Youtube career: Loaiza launched her YouTube career in 2016 and she has since grown to become one of the most-followed YouTube channels in Mexico. Recently she beat her competitor Yuya (who also creates content in Spanish) by 2.3 million subscribers.

Channel information: Kim shares everything from her personal life to her music videos to daily vlogs. She has more than 1.9 billion combined views on all her Youtube videos and 26.3 million subscribers on her channel. Currently, Kim Loaiza is the most subscribed female YouTuber.

3. blogilates

Background: Cassey Ho is a certified pilates and fitness instructor and entrepreneur who started her channel back in 2009 documenting workout routines and healthy diet plans.

Youtube career: Cassey is one of the top Youtube partners who are making a significant amount of money using Youtube; she receives a significant portion of her income directly and indirectly from her YouTube presence. Because of her status as a Youtube partner, she has access to an eCommerce feature that allows her to sell her line of pilates clothes and accessories called Popflex.

Channel information: Currently, Cassey’s channel has over 5 million subscribers. Her workout videos are often featured in online publications and are very positively received by the viewers due to the inclusiveness of her content.

In her videos, Cassey often talks about body image and body positivity. She believes that Youtube provides content creators, and especially female Youtubers, with a platform to spread a powerful message about health and wellness.

In 2015, after receiving a lot of negative social media messages about her body, Cassey made a video called The “Perfect” Body where she explores issues of cyber-bullying and body shaming.

4. Yuya

Background: Yuya is a Mexican Youtuber who makes makeup and beauty related videos and blogs, often documenting her own life. In 2016 Yuya was one of the seven female Youtubers who joined the UN Sustainable Development Action Campaign that aims to achieve gender equality and empower women and girls. That same year, her channel peaked as the 16th most subscribed on YouTube.

Youtube career: Initially Yuya was not gaining that much popularity, but then rapidly managed to increase her following starting form around 2012. By 2014, Yuya had a big following surpassing many previously well-known Youtubers. In 2015 it was announced that she is the best-paid makeup and beauty blogger with a 41,000 dollars monthly income from Youtube alone.

Channel information: Yuya created her YouTube channel called “lady16makeup” in 2009, after winning a YouTube make-up contest. However, she didn’t start uploading her videos until later in 2010. As of now, Yuya’s channel has 24.6 million subscribers.

Here’s one of her latest videos. Enjoy!

5. DutchPilotGirl

Background: Michelle Gooris is a Dutch airline pilot currently living in Amsterdam and Milan. At the age of 19, Michelle started her training at an aviation academy in Amsterdam, which she completed in 2013. Apart from her Youtube career, Michelle also wrote an eBook on how to become a pilot and later on built an app for pilots, which helps with flight scheduling and looking up information about airports all over the world.

Youtube career: According to Michelle, she started her Youtube career while being unemployed during the economic crisis. “By sharing my experiences I hope to motivate and inspire people to make their dreams of becoming a pilot a reality”.

Channel information: If you’re interested in aviation and want to gain first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a pilot, her channel is for you. Currently, Michelle’s channel has 203k subscribers and seems to be growing at a steady pace. As one of our fellow female Youtubers, Michelle receives our love, support, and lots of luck in her career.

6. Jenna Marbles

Background: The one and only Jenna Marbles. Jenna is a vlogger, comedian, actress, and one of the most famous female YouTube stars. Something that not everyone knows about Jenna is that she actually holds a Master’s degree in sport psychology and counseling from Boston University. Not bad for a Youtuber huh.

Youtube career: As of now, Jenna’s channel has nearly 2 billion video views combined. Jenna uploaded her first video on Youtube in 2008, which was a twenty seconds vlog video of her dog. After that, she continued making comedic videos of her life, which ultimately made her famous.

Channel information: In 2010, Jenna created her Youtube channel that she uses to this day. Remember that video “How to trick people into thinking you are good looking”? Well, that was released in 2010 on her new channel and was viewed over 5.3 million times in the first week. Now Jenna’s channel has 20.2 million subscribers.

Unfortunately, Jenna recently quit Youtube because of a huge backlash over her old content that featured racist jokes and slut-shaming. The cancel culture got to Jenna this time, which is sad because she was one of the most authentic female Youtubers out there. Here’s Jenna’s last video she posted on the channel:

7. Lindsey Stirling

Background: Lindsey Stirling is a very talented violinist, music writer, performer, and one of the best female Youtubers out there. She performs a wide variety of musical genres starting from classical to pop, rock, electronic, and other contemporary music genres. Apart from original work, Lindsey also creates covers of songs by other musicians like “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

Lindsey had very humble beginnings; when she was a child her parents could not afford violin lessons, so they had to find a teacher who would give her half lessons. Despite that Lindsey managed to become one of America’s biggest talents and really blew the dust off violin music for all of us.

Youtube career: Remember the violin dubstep song “Crystallize” played against the background of gorgeous Icelandic settings? That was Ms.Stirling’s biggest success in terms of the number of views reaching 237 million this year.

Channel information: Lindsey presents choreographed violin performances on her Youtube channel, which was created back in 2007. Currently, Lindsey has over 12 million subscribers on her Youtube channel.

Here’s one of Lindsey’s latest releases. Enjoy this gorgeous production!

8. Caeli YT

Background: Yet another Mexican Youtube sensation who has accumulated 16 million subscribers on her channel. From a young age, Caeli was involved in the field of communications, making her first appearances on her school radio. Later in life Caeli started working as a TV presenter on Mexican television and began her Youtube channel.

Youtube career: Caeli began her journey 10 years ago when she uploaded her first video announcing the premiere of her channel. Now, Caeli makes blog videos documenting her day to day activities, relationships, and other aspects of her life, fully deserving a mention on our list of best female Youtubers.

Channel information: Currently, her channel has nearly 16 million subscribers. If you are a Spanish speaker, feel free to check out this Roast Yourself Challenge.

Sidenote! Wondering why that is the third Youtuber on this list who makes content in Spanish? Well, so did we. Obviously, most Spanish speakers are from Latin America, which is quickly developing and has a large youth population, bringing in many users to the platform. While the Chinese easily have the largest youth population, they have their own Youtube, which is why there isn’t as much Chinese content on the platform. Also, Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world.

9. Lilly Singh

Background: Lilly Singh is a Canadian Youtuber, comedian, talk show host, and actress who became famous on Youtube under the nickname IISuperwomanII. Lilly received an MTV Fandom Award, a People’s Choice Award, and other recognitions for her content on Youtube and TV presence. Apart from her very successful Youtube career, Singh also released a documentary on her 2016 tour, a self-development book, and acts as the producer and the host of the NBC late-night talk show “A Little Late with Lilly Singh”.

Youtube career: Lily began her career on Youtube back in 2010 by making comedic videos and skits on the Indian culture and by 2017 she was ranked 10th on the Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid Youtube stars. Her earnings were reported to be $10.5 million that same year.

Channel information: Currently, Lilly’s channel has nearly 15 million subscribers. Watch this video featuring Zendaya and Winnie Harlow and show us some #GirlLove in the comment section below by commenting on your favorite female YouTubers.

10. Jonna Jinton

Background: Jonna Jinton is a 26-year-old Youtuber who documents her life living in woods in the north of Sweden. Besides making Youtube videos, Jonna primarily works as an artist, photographer, and filmographer. She found her dream life in the midst of a winter wonderland and she inspires her viewers to lead the life that makes them feel like they belong.

Jonna claims that she gets all of her creative ideas from the nature that surrounds her: “I need to be in nature otherwise I genuinely can’t write or paint… If I’m stuck for ideas I got for a walk in the forest”.

Youtube career: Jonna began her Youtube career 9 years ago when she moved to a Swedish village where she began documenting her life.

Channel information: Jonna’s channel currently has over 2 million subscribers. Captivating Swedish landscapes, calming narration, beautiful background music and nature sounds make her videos a magical experience. See for yourself:

11. Nikkie Tutorials

Background: If you don’t know Nikkie Tutorials at this point in time, what are you even doing reading this article? Go watch her “The Power of Makeup” series of videos on Youtube. Nikkie is a Dutch makeup artist and a beauty vlogger.

In 2020 it was announced that Nikkie will be a goodwill ambassador at the UN. Also, this year Nikkie publicly announced that she is a transgender woman after being blackmailed by someone who threatened to reveal her birth gender.

Youtube career: She started getting popularity around 2015 after her first “The Power of Makeup” video. That video later inspired many people to show their real faces without makeup. In 2017 Nikkie was named one of the top 10 beauty influencers by Forbes magazine.

Channel information: Nikkie started her channel back in 2008 at the age of just 14. Today she is a well-known Youtuber with an audience of nearly 14 million subscribers. Nikkie frequently features other female Youtubers like Huda Beauty as well as celebrity guests like Kim K.

12. Simone Giertz

Background: Simone Giertz is another Swedish Youtuber on our lists. As a self-proclaimed “maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer” Simone makes cool stuff happen.

In 2019, Giertz announced that she and various other YouTube makers had converted a Tesla Model 3 into a pickup truck. The truck was built in response to wanting both an electric vehicle and a pickup truck for practical reasons, but not being able to wait for the Cybertruck that was only proposed at the time.

Youtube career: Simone began her career 6 years ago when she posted her first video upon arrival to the US. A year later she made a video where she created an automated toothbrush.

Channel information: Simone runs a Youtube channel that is both educational and funny to watch. The main purpose of the channel is to demonstrate mechanical robots of her own creation that automate everyday tasks. She also often documents her life; in one of her videos Simone got to experience weightlessness for 7.5 minutes and the video received almost 13 million views. Simone currently has an audience of 2.32 million subscribers.

13. RCLBeauty101

Background: Rachel Claire Levin, known for her Youtube channel RCLBeauty101, makes beauty vlogs, DIYs, life hacks, comedy skits, and other types of entertainment content.

Rachel recently launched her own makeup line called RCLO, which didn’t receive as much attention as expected. A couple of YouTubers reviewed her makeup line and almost everyone said that the packaging was very cheap and the products were very basic.

Youtube career: She started her Youtube career 9 years ago when she uploaded her first video called “How to Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles”. Her channel has been one of the fastest-growing channels on Youtube at times and she was also named number one social media influencer under 21 by several media publications.

Channel information: As of now, Rachel’s channel has nearly 15 million subscribers on her channel and nearly 4 billion views overall. The following video alone received 180 million views so far!

14. Maangchi

Background: Enjoy Korean food? Of course, you do, who doesn’t like a good ramen or Korean style fried chicken? Emily Kim, more commonly known as Maangchi, is a Korean-American Youtuber and author. She was once described by The New York Times as “Youtube’s Korean Julia Child”. Due to her upbeat personality and strict adherence to traditional recipes, her channel quickly grew in popularity.

Speaking of crispy chicken, here is Emily’s Crunchy Korean fried chicken recipe. Bon appetit!

Youtube career: Emily began her Youtube career as many as 13 years ago! That’s 2 years after Youtube itself was created. Round of applause to this veteran of Youtube right here.

Channel information: On her Youtube channel, Emily makes cooking videos with traditional Korean recipes that will make you drool. As of now, she has 5 million subscribers.

Some honorable mentions that we thought you might also enjoy:

  • Stella Cini — 574,000 subscribers.
  • Nyma Tang — 1.31 million subscribers.
  • Psych IRL — 282,000 subscribers.

Didn’t see your favorite Youtuber on this chart of top female Youtubers? Feel free to write your suggestion in the comment section below.

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