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9 min readDec 19, 2020

Have you ever googled what YouTube Shorts is, and how to use them?

So do we, until challenged to learn all about YouTube Shorts, TikTok’s new rival, and possibly, a new way successful YouTubers create their content.

As a newly released feature, the Shorts camera is currently in beta and only available in India for Android users. Not much of widespread use, huh?

After a decade of both successful, and failed features like the star rating system, bulletins, groups, video responses, and friends lists rolled off, YouTube is careful with its new additions. Introduced on September 14, 2020, in India “a new way to watch and create on YouTube”, YouTube Shorts is most likely to stay. And before it’s gone just like the star ratings and the honor badges (remember the old days of YouTube?), you better try your luck creating fun short videos on YouTube.

How do you do that? Let’s dive right in!

What Is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube defines the newly released short-form video format (Shorts) as “vertical videos up to 60 seconds long”. Does this mean any short videos are called YouTube Shorts?

Factually yes. Have you ever uploaded seconds-long short videos to YouTube? You might have seen an increase in views because of the Shorts rolled out.

But, in truth, YouTube short videos are a new way of recording and editing live videos using nothing but a smartphone. Announced in mid-September 2020 for millions of Indian creators, Shorts are planned to harbor 20 million TikTok creators left out when the app got banned.

Uniquely for the beta version in India, YouTube introduced the Shorts camera and a handful of editing tools like speed controls, timers, and the option to add music to clips. For now only available for Android users in India, Shorts with its mobile-only focus on filming and editing is nothing but a replacement to TikTok.

Wondering what is a vertical format? YouTube Shorts' video ratio is 9:16.

Why YouTube Introduced Shorts?

Sipping through the announcements and speculations, it’s easy to see short videos’ potential. With smartphones becoming complex and lives turning mobile, users no longer wish to spend hours watching uploads.

But, is YouTube the first to get into the Shorts business?

With the ever-growing popularity of TikTok, not only YouTube, but all major social media platforms are experimenting with short video content.

Are Short Videos Any Good For YouTube?

Let me give you a biased opinion — a bunch of YouTube Shorts is actually better than a couple of hour-long videos. Before you say any “no”, let’s count the most logical explanation to this.

First, the very nature of Shorts is high-speed. Think of that 5-min sketch you have to jam into a 60-second long video. I’m sure you want to cut as much crap out of it to leave pure value. So, shorter content implies less fooling around, more character, and emotions.

Second, here comes the context. Ever thought about what pushed TikTok to stardom, and would it be the same if comedy skits, cringe videos, and dance challenges took longer than 15 seconds?

For those who instantly think that YouTube Shorts is just another TikTok clone, it’s not. With a much bigger and diverse audience, YouTube has a tiger grip on short videos.

In a word, Shorts is another way to gain more views and show behind-the-scenes, to ping the illusive YouTube algorithm. Even though you won’t gain as much watch time despite a lot of views.

YouTube Shorts Pros & Cons

If you think you’ve found a gold mine tapping into the new Shorts feature, I may disappoint you. Like any feature in beta, it has significant limitations. Let’s count the cons of YouTube shorts before the biggest pros are summed up!

Cons Of YouTube Shorts

  • Shorts camera is only available for creators in India using Android. Sorry iPhone and iPad users you are not seeing the Shorts camera lens at this stage.
  • Creators from the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere making YouTube Shorts cannot add music, use speed control, and timer while shooting from their mobile phones.
  • YouTube Shorts monetization is not available at this point.
  • Watch time does not count towards Partners Program eligibility.

Pros Of YouTube Shorts

  • Easy to make for new creators.
  • No minimum requirements (hey, isn’t it time to start making them right away?).
  • Searchable, and can generate tons of views if optimized for the right keywords.
  • 15-second teaser videos with the link to the main video can bring more views and boost retention of longer videos on the channel.
  • Have wider reach and retention than longer videos.
  • Will last much longer than Stories, just as your regular uploads.

Finally for viewers, who treat YouTube as an easy escape from a daily routine, a mentor, or a way to speak their minds to hundreds of others watching similar content, here’s how to make most of the Shorts.

How To Use YouTube Shorts?

Are you a big fan of shooting short and catchy videos with nothing but your smartphone? Want to know how to use YouTube Shorts the right way?

Read along to find out how the newly introduced Shorts benefit creators and artists on YouTube.

How To Get Started With YouTube Short?

Before we cover the steps, you have to know that YouTube Shorts are meant for mobile-first users. So, if you are googling how to make YouTube Shorts using a laptop, you won’t find the answer you want. But, there’s a way I’ve explained the lines below.

To Create YouTube Shorts On Mobile:

🔻 Step 1. Sign in to your YouTube account.

🔻 Step 2. Tap the Plus icon at the bottom of your screen to see options.

🔻 Step 3. Creators in India will see the “Create a Short” option alongside “Upload a Video” and “Go Live”. All other creators can tap “Upload a video” to choose a pre-recorded one from their gallery or to record a 60-second clip with a smartphone camera.

Creators in India see “Create a Short” button

🔻 Step 4. Once you are done recording hit the checkmark button to confirm the recording. You will be transferred to a page to “Add details”, like a video title and description, set privacy settings, add location, and choose a playlist (if any).

🔻 Step 5. Hitting you will have to confirm if a video is made for kids or not, and if it is age-sensitive (meaning users only over 18 could watch it).

🔻 Step 6. And again tap “Next”, to start uploading your video.

You can add video title, description, and tap upload to create a Short

Note, to this date only Android users from India have full access to the Shorts camera, and additional features like adding music, changing the speed and setting up a timer.

How To Make YouTube Shorts On PC?

Do you still want to make Shorts using a PC? Here is how you can make most of YouTube Shorts using both a smartphone and PC. The only thing you need before uploading Shorts from your PC is a certain video pre-recorded and saved on your PC. The video format can be horizontal (we will change it later on).

⬇️ Step 1. Download and install OBS Studio on your PC, or perhaps you have it already:)

⬇️ Step 2. Open OBS Studio and click on Setting from the bottom right menu.

⬇️ Step 3. Select Video, then set Base (Canvas) Resolution to 1080*1920

⬇️ Step 4. Set the Output (Scaled) Resolution to the same numbers (1080*1920)

⬇️ Step 5. Now, as your screen is set vertically, you can upload a video by clicking the Plus icon from the tab in the bottom right corner of your screen (next to Scenes).

⬇️ Step 6. Click “Media Source” then, click “ Create New” and “ Okay “.

⬇️ Step 7. Enter the name of the local file and click “ Browse “.

⬇️ Step 8. Drag to the left or right to adjust the size of a video to a vertical frame you have.

⬇️ Step 9. Click “Start Recording” and “Stop Recording” within 15–60 seconds.

This is your first Shorts on PC. But it’s far from over.

⬇️ Step 10. Save the video on PC, and upload it to your smartphone. Repeat the steps listed above in “How to make YouTube Shorts on mobile”.

In case you want to know what YouTube Shorts resolution is, it is the same as for any other video on YouTube. Just swap the numbers for a 9:16 ratio. Full HD mode is preferable for Shorts.

Woah! Frankly, I would’ve made my Shorts on mobile rather than go through the 16 steps (10 steps on PC plus 6 steps to upload Shorts from a mobile). What do you think?

If you want to know if YouTube Shorts can be monetized, who can make Shorts, how to add music and thumbnails, Shorts vs YouTube Stories, and more, read the original article about YouTube Shorts here, or clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Now is time for Shorts from around YouTube. Have fun!

#1 Elevator vs. two-year-old — 104 million views

The one and only YouTube Shorts from Laura Mackedanz has generated 104 million views and over 800 thousand likes. The proof that Shorts make the “million views” mantra possible for even a small channel with 137 thousand subscribers and only 3 (!) videos.

It’s worth noting though, this video has been uploaded 2 years ago and seems to gain much from the latest YouTube feature.

#2 Birth of a rabbit (Fake Trick) — 137 million views

Since childhood, as humans, we are fascinated with weird and wonderful bunny rabbits: from Alice in Wonderland to Zootopia. Mama rabbit is no different, right?

For sure, the creator of the “Cute Kittens / Cute dogs / And / Cute other” channel with 362 thousand subscribers knows the tricks of the trade. Did you get hooked?

#3 Scariest to physically hardest: Birmingham water challenges — 216 million views

Have you ever thought about what type of videos get you hooked? I bet all things jumping, like BASE jumping, skydiving, and rest are on your list. If they haven’t yet, they will. Soon as you watch this YouTube Shorts video from Parkour with a whopping 2.5 million likes.

It managed to get all those views, likes, and 26 thousand comments in as little as 4 months!

#4 Dog is a high jumping champion! Shocks his owners! — 104 million views

That’s right, dogs have never stopped surprising us! Look how Marley, the smarty pants Golden Retriever, jumps over dozens of pet plates. Not surprisingly, everyone is happy to tap the Like button, which scored this cutie 1.8 million likes and 14 thousand comments.

Quite impressive for a channel with under 150 thousand YouTube subscribers.

#5 Girl messing with Queen’s Guard, see what happened next! — 28 million views

While for many of us Queen’s Guard is a no-no, for this Indian actress dancing moves around the guard is just another way to push harder to stardom. Tuber’s Talk featuring YouTube Shorts is an unbelievably small channel with just under 18 thousand subscribers.

After all, 28 million views is not a common sight on channels with under 100 thousand subs.

I must admit, watching it was fun, especially with such a click-baiting title.

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